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Sarah Palin’s Alaksa

The natives actually pronounce it Alaksa dontcha’ know? Advertisements

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Not for peace? Not for me.

Don’t be ignorant to ignorance. Point that shit out. Continue reading

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Glenn Beck, You’re Such a D-BAG

Glenn Beck pretends to be offended by a comparison to Arizona and Nazis, even though he uses Nazis in every comparison he makes. Thank you Lewis Black for putting Beck in his place. For a more in depth view of … Continue reading

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More Disagreement

No agreements were made at last night’s bipartisan meeting. First of all I have to say this to Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee who said this about the healthcare bill: “This is a car that can’t be recalled or fixed” … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts

Our country is a large organism.  Our government is the brain.  The brain makes decisions for the body.  Democrats and Republicans are the left and right side of the brain.  If the left and right sides of the brain aren’t … Continue reading

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Childish Bickering

I just finished reading about where President Obama stands in the eyes of our country, and it shows that even though his approval rating is still in good standing, there is trouble ahead.  The Republicans are gaining ground over the … Continue reading

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