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Four million Seven Hundred Thousand and Ninety Six.

Fred lived on an island. He had one leg. Nobody cared.   Lucy lived on a boat. She was always seasick. Nobody cared.   Pedro ate corn. He didn’t care, neither did anyone else.   Sally drank diarrhea. She cared, … Continue reading

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Liquid Jerry and The Blue Bikini Beauty

The Blue Bikini Beauty captivated Liquid Jerry. Her lemon hair swooped under her slender shoulders like a wet mop as she approached the beach bar. She smiled. Majestic trumpets sounded, and this once-dull-day filled with a light he’d never known. Liquid … Continue reading

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It’s Right Around The Corner

Hey didn’t I see you with a ticket stub in your hand? See you there!

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Borange And Mr. Toast First Interaction

Only a rough draft, but here it is:

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Street Root Volume 5 Has Hit The (Metaphorical) Shelves (Of The Internet)!!

Click The Cover Art To Enter. I hope you’re wearing a wet suit…

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Flying Pizza?

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Seems like a nice place…

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