A Letter From Frank to George

Dear George,

You’ll never believe what I did last week!  I was bored and decided it would be a fun idea to take the neighbor’s car out for a joy ride.  I didn’t get too far though, because as I was backing out a car slammed into the back corner of the bumper.  The damage wasn’t that bad, but I did like a 720 spin across the street.

Luckily the neighbors were on vacation.  I know the owner of the repair shop down the street, so they’ll have no idea anything even happened.  It’s a good thing the guy that hit me was at fault, as it put me in the position to be at liberty to say that we should just let “bygones be bygones!”  You should have seen the guy’s face when I said that!  He just hopped back in his car and took off before I had the chance to change my mind.  Little did he know that I was in some deep shit if the police got involved!

Where are you anyways?


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