A PrePost of Something To Come

I’ve been neglecting this site as of late, and I a-Paul-ogize for that, it’s a-Paul-ling really…I’ve been working on my novel, and believe it or not the writing stages of BOOK I OF GROOTHTOWN are almost over, and it seems it will be eventually be a trilogy…now it’s time to gut the first one out and edit the hell out of it.  Be prepared for more posts.  I have a drawing I’ve been procrastinating on as well…and working on some screenplays that keep drifting in and out of conscious thought…but I want to bring the focus back here a bit as well.  Also, anyone interested in contributing to Street Root Magazine, please send submissions to Streetrootmag@gmail.com, and check out Volume 1.  I kind of want to see if a mini-issue can be put together for the end of the month, so anyone with material please send away!  I love you all, thank you for reading, and putting up with all my BS.  🙂

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One Response to A PrePost of Something To Come

  1. Great to hear of your efforts here, man. Please keep up the work. It really is what makes it count. What’s more, love the originality you have coming here.


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