I drink a lot of V8 juice.  I’ve already had three cans of it today…is that too much?  Is there such a thing as too much V8 juice?  Or am I just getting healthier and healthier every time I drink one?  Should I stick a big bottle of V8 intravenously into my arm and get a steady drip?  Will I start thinking like a plant?  Do plants think?  Does it depend on the species?  How many gumdrops are in this jar?  Where’s the jar?  Why isn’t there any jar?  Are we in the jar?  If so, how many jars are there?  Do I think too much?  Am I asking too many questions?  Are you starting to get annoyed?  Have you hit the x button on your browser yet?  If so, how are you still reading this?  And why are you still reading this?  Can’t you understand that I’m just trying to waste your time?  How long has it taken you to read this?  Did you find the hidden message?  Is there one?  Does anyone know?  Do I?

By the way, if you haven’t downloaded Street Root Volume 1, here it is:


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