Justin Tiempo gets nervous

Justin Tiempo spends a long time waiting for something to happen, but nothing ever does.  What is it that he’s constantly anticipating?  He’s always thinking about something, and thinking about that something gets in the way of thinking about something else.

Justin gets real nervous at times.  Usually when he’s flying his star ship.  He never officially obtained his license, but that’s not what makes him nervous.  It’s the fact that he’s an intergalactic fugitive, that’s what shivers his spine rivets.

Justin’s nerves have been especially edgy since the invention of chameleon cars and suits.  He’s never quite sure if he’s alone anymore.  Someone or something seems to be watching over his shoulder at all times.  He prefers to think it’s the former, even though he knows it’s the latter…and he knows all too well that you can’t poke an invisible something in the eye.

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2 Responses to Justin Tiempo gets nervous

  1. Artswebshow says:

    This is fantastic, especially the part about the chamelean cars

    • maulpartin says:

      Thanks man, I appreciate it. I’m building the character a bit, and will eventually have a short story of one of his galactic adventures. More on Justin Tiempo to come!

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