Nicotine Conspiracy

Something’s been running through my mind lately.  Cigarettes, Nicorette, and E-cigarettes.  They all have one thing in common: Nicotine.

That makes me wonder…

Is it out of line to suggest that it’s all owned by the same company, just under different names?  Haven’t the cigarette companies proven in the past that deception is their game?

As a conscious smoker I have come to notice and identify my triggers.  Just a few of these include driving (or just being in a car), drinking coffee (or beer…definitely beer), and plain old boredom.

Based on what I see in my smoker friends, I see that there are many levels of a nicotine addiction.  I have some friends that only smoke socially, meaning that they only have a cigarette every once in a while if they happen to be in the mood.

I (as you probably know) am not what you would call a social smoker, and I fucking hate it.  I hate the fact that something so insignificant and stupid can have such a powerful grip on the way I live my life.

There are so many thoughts, actions, and emotions that cause cigarette cravings.  So many that I have lost track.

I’m pretty sure that was the pivotal moment in my butt-smoking career.  Once I began losing track of my triggers I began giving into all cravings, and have become a slave to nicotine.

I’ve come to some realizations.

My smoking is helping someone get rich.  Buying Nicorette is making someone rich.  E-cigarettes (which I have tried with success, but was then informed by a nice woman outside of a bar that e-cigarette fluid contains the same chemicals as antifreeze) are making someone rich.  That’s three different markets for the same product.

You can either live life on the edge and smoke all you want and throw caution to the wind, or you could say “I’ve had enough” and buy yourself some Nicorette gum…but that’s where I start to wonder.

Nicorette gum isn’t always successful, meaning that people who use Nicorette may cave in and buy a pack of butts.  So, now you’ve spent money on both cigarettes and Nicorette.

I’m wondering if that’s been the plan all along.  No matter what, people are still using nicotine.  You have to wonder what type of agreement the tobacco companies have with the nicotine pharmaceutical companies that make gum, patches, inhalers, etc.

What about advertisements?

I recall seeing an ad for Nicorette the other day.  There’s this guy stuck in traffic on a hot day, and the man in the car next to him is smoking a cigarette.  Then it says “quitting sucks, but Nicorette can make it suck less.”

They might as well be saying that you shouldn’t quit smoking cigarettes because it makes you feel antsy and tends to make you snap on the people you care about for stupid nonsensical reasons, but if you buy this gum you can quit without being an asshole but you’ll still be addicted to nicotine.

I just find it strange that a company would sell you something that contains nicotine to get you to quit nicotine.  Makes about as much sense to me as methadone.

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6 Responses to Nicotine Conspiracy

  1. Matt Perkins says:

    This was all pretty dead on, and I’m not even a butt smoker. Well played, salesman. Well played.

  2. John says:

    Well written article good blog!

  3. TJ says:

    Cigarettes are a conspiracy. If you were to market a consumable product… say, soda pop for example… and put poison in it, but then add something addictive like nicotine, so people would keep coming back… You would go to jail for life…. but, that’s exactly what the tobacco companies are doing… I fucking hate smoking… I hate the chest pains it gives me and the way I can’t function without them. I’d like to invent a time machine… go back and find the fella that decided to add nicotine to tobacco… an kick him in the nuts.

  4. nick says:

    You guys need to read Allen Carr’s Easy Way. Has worked for myself and many of my friends. Has also not worked, for those who were not ready for it – typically those who do not finish the book – but based on your comments you are both very ready. Let me assure you that not only will you be freed from this horrible trap, but you will never crave a cigarette ever again – if you follow the instructions in the book perfectly. Don’t bother with any other useless “quit” paraphernalia or alternative methods such as those advocated by NHS – Allen Carr is THE only way to go.

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