Butt Deodorant

For a while now they’ve had deodorant, you know, the shit that you put under your arms to make them not smell.  Now they even have antiperspirants, which deodorizes and stops your armpits from sweating.

And now I present to you, the next generation of antiperspirant deodorants……..

For your butt.

That’s right, an antiperspirant deodorant for your ass.  Finally, you can walk around the mall, go to a concert, and go ahead and crank up that seat heater because Butt Deodorant is here!

Use the invisible solid Butt Deodorant applicator by swiping it up and down your ass crack like a credit card two or three times, and your butt will smell fantastic all day and even better, you can kiss your swamp ass goodbye!

Comes in a load of different scents including: Blue Urinal Cake, Pink Urinal Cake, Yellow Urinal Cake, and Dryer Sheets.  Never get laughed at for a stinky ass again!

Butt Deodorant…Because your ass stinks!

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