Mario Pinball 2

I had a dream I was in a large crowded arcade inside of a mall.  I was playing this one game called Mario Pinball 2, but it was actually a big Mickey Mouse machine. In his hands were these little baskets that you dunked a little blue ball into.  If the ball went astray you had five seconds to retrieve it and get it back to the Mickey Mouse.

The ball bounced far away from the game, so I ran and grabbed it, did a quick turn and tried to whip the ball back at the game to keep it going, but I missed horribly and hit some guy in the head and he dropped straight to the ground.  I saw a security guard run over to help him out, but I never saw if he was okay because I just ran away.

Then suddenly I found myseldf in a wheelchair cruising around at top speed.  I made my way back towards the arcade in the wheel chair and burst through the swinging doors, then hopped off.  I walked through and there were TV screens with this guy saying that Mario Pinball 2 was a controversial game because of all the injuries that it’s caused, and that today was the last day that it was going to be aloud for use.  The person saying this looked like Walt Disney.

Next thing I knew, I was in a furniture section of the mall, which seemed to be connected to the Arcade, because the rug was the same and I could hear the commotion of the arcade in the background.  The furniture section was been closed for the night – all the couches had tarps over them and the lights were all dimmed down really low.  It felt really creepy being in there – it was like a maze…and I got lost.  I couldn’t find my way out.

Then I saw a dog running around near the back, and it was knocking things over.  I walked the opposite way because I didn’t want to be blamed for the mess.  I had already caused enough trouble with the Mario Pinball 2 game – I didn’t want anymore trouble.

Just as I was thinking this two security guards came over and asked me what I was doing, and I told them I was lost.  They looked at me like they didn’t believe me and directed me back towards the arcade area.

While they were taking me back I had somehow acquired these strange crutches that made me bounce really high in the air every time I touched the ground.  While bouncing in the air and following the guards, this old man walked by and the wind from me soaring in the air caused his straw hat to fall off – and the guy didn’t even notice.  The security guard picked up the hat and brought it to the guy.  He seemed very thankful.  The security guard had failed to pick up the wallet that the guy had dropped too – he must have been keeping it in his hat for some odd reason.  I bent down to pick it up (which was difficult because I was still in those weird crutch things), and the guy said “Oh great, you were going to steal my wallet,” and walked over and grabbed it.  As he picked it up off the ground, all of his money fell out of it – which looked to be about a thousand bucks.  The guy was walking away again and I yelled to him “Hey!  You dropped your money!” and he looked back at me with a stupid grin on his face and said “Yeah, like I’m going to believe that!”  I looked back down at the money money and went down to pick it up, but before I could I woke up.

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2 Responses to Mario Pinball 2

  1. terrepruitt says:

    And were you exhausted? Sometimes dreams are exhausting!

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