All the Mario you can handle

At first I thought this was going be real lame:

This is pretty cool, it was submitted by strikegentlybro.  Is that Jamie Kennedy in a tux?  Seriously though, nice job with the sound effects…even though you did miss a few and I’m not going to go into any specifics, you and I know which ones those are.  This video has broken the million viewer mark, which is great exposure to show off your musical talents, but you’ll probably find yourself in the depths of a severe shortage of vagina.

pikapikafreshh said: Wow Hes really talented! O.o

I don’t know what the O.o means.  Does that mean that one eye is bigger than the other…or maybe something else…I don’t know you do the thinking on that one I’m done with it.

Crisy404 said: GO ASIANS!..

That made me take a closer look, and holy shit it’s an Asian Jamie Kennedy…he could be one of those celebrity intruder robots, just like fake Tom Cruise, Dave Chappelle, and Jason Lee.

Speaking of Asians, check this out this one submitted by violinpiano2:

This kid is amazing.  He’s so good at violin that he has to wear goggles for protection.  Love the shirt, my grandparents have the same design on their bathroom wallpaper…and why do I get the feeling that you’re hiding in your neighbor’s closet?

What was going on in that video behind him?  Also…I ‘ve never heard that song with words in it before.  Oh here it is :

There’s a few things I have to cover after watching that.  First of all, I never knew how endowed princess peach was, it’s like when they say that television adds ten pounds, video game pixellation adds three cup sizes.

As for Mario and Bowser, this is a clear example of the classic saying: “You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.”  My dad used to say that one all the time.  Definitely one of his favorite dad jokes back in the day.  I believe it’s the first dad joke that was etched in my memory.

And you’re like me you were probably wondering what they are saying, well don’t worry I’ve got that covered too:

Hey Koopa youre such a stubborn fellow,
wont you give up on Peach already?

Well I regret to inform you that is unacceptable,
I’m still her destiny no doubt about it.

Won’t the both of you stop it?
Just look at the mirror.

You don’t have to say such a thing,
men compete with their hearts.

Nice job

ah, nice job

Mario-chan how are things lately?

Doing excelent you know
the DS and WII stuff are all sold out

Ah, isnt that nice? no time to dry up

Oh cut it out Koopa-san
Ah, the second verse is coming

My sweetest Peachy girl I’m in love with you,
if you can’t understand that Ill have to kidnap and steal you away again.

I’ll steal you back risking my life,
but I can’t steal your heart

Cut it out the two of you,
are you listening to me at all?

The tsundere in you is also charming,
and men compete with their heart.

Wait a moment arent you forgeting someone?
Lu-i-gi’s entering the stage srroy to keep you waiting.

Ah, What what excuse me?

KY, KY! Try to understand the atmosphere here

If you get carried away I’ll really kick the hell outta you!

That mushroom fellow is enough for me,
quite insolent for a stand in.

By looks we’d only pass as medium or low class,

Well men compete with their heart.

Well men compete with their heart.

men compete with their face.

finnally it’s over

I’m exhausted

So let’s get the night rolling

Sorry but I got this and that for today

Ah, your friend next time introduce her to me

wait the mic is still plugged in

Oh, that really isn’t good

Interesting stuff there.  I especially like Peach’s line: Men compete with their face.  I don’t even really know what that means…must be an Asian thing.  It’s during Mario and Bowser’s discussion of class ranks and their mutual agreement of what men fight with.

Here’s a video that animedude34 made.  This is where I found the lyrics too.

Itchytheowl said: I laughed my arse off at 2:11!! Hahaha, Pyramid Head is in “upper” class with Link.

Itchy, these are things that you keep to yourself, okay?

And then kirbypower521 said:

0:26 a dog and a goomba
0:33 wario and demoman
0:36 peach and blue shy guy
0:54 a alien thing
1:21 bowser jr.
1:29 dark bones
2:12 a man with a guitar, the dog again and a watermelon

Well, I’m glad we’ve got that covered.  Thanks kirby I’d be lost without ya.

Wow, it’s amazing how many videos there are out there with this song in it.  Here’s another one:

Now do yourself a favor and just take Soulkiller‘s advice and go to 0:53 hes gonna rape mario :O

I don’t know if I completely agree with you though Soulkiller, it actually looks consentual.

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