Green Fest

Matty Green and Austin Rogers have announced the date for this year’s Green Fest 2010 on Friday, September 24 – Sunday, September 26th.

Bands, volunteers, vendors, and entertainers are needed to make this year the best ever, CONTACT US AT GREENFESTMUSIC @ LIVE. COM!

If you haven’t been to Green Fest, this is your chance to join the experience. It’s going to be three nights of campin’ dancin’ ragin’, great music great people and Steezy times. CHECK HERE FOR UPDATES ON THE LOCATION COMING SOON, AND VISIT THE FACEBOOK PAGE!

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5 Responses to Green Fest

  1. terrepruitt says:


    How can they know when, but not where? Wouldn’t they need to make certain the place is available?

    Where was it last time?

    • maulpartin says:

      Last year it was in New London NH at Matty’s pond, but he can’t do it there this year because he’s expecting a lot more people this time. I believe they’re just finalizing the location at the moment, signing the right papers and whatnot before announcing the location.

  2. maulpartin says:

    Will do, hopefully we’ll know within the next week or so and I will post it up there. Thanks for the help, you’re awesome! šŸ™‚

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