The mind is quite big, bigger than you can imagine, ever expanding like our universe, or at least that’s what some of us think, that the universe is ever expanding, but how do we really know for sure, it’s not like anyone has been able to reach out to the outer limits of the universe and tell us that the universe is ever expanding, it’s not like anyone is watching it get bigger and bigger out on the edge, or maybe there is, there could be, I can’t say there isn’t (can anyone?) because I haven’t been to all parts of the universe, or maybe I have, maybe that’s where my dreams take me, or maybe in the accumulation of my lifetimes I have been in every part of the universe at one point of time or other, that is of course if I have had other lifetimes, which I feel that I have because there’s a lot of people that I’ve met that I feel like I’ve already met before in another time, it’s that moment when I meet someone for the first time but I feel like I have already met them before and there’s something familiar in the way they look at me and the way that their energy seems to buzz through my hand and up my arm and all through my body when I shake their hand, or give them a hug, or make any type of physical contact, or maybe not even physical contact, maybe just the presence of that person is felt somewhere deep in my mind, in my soul, a buzzing feeling that seems to run through my nerves or my veins, that feeling where my thoughts become clear and it doesn’t even seem like my own thoughts anymore but instead a collective thought between two, three, four, even an entire room, and I’m sure of the fact that this person or these people are thinking and feeling the same exact way that I am but can’t explain it and sometimes this notion goes unspoken and other times it’s discussed and I feel love, familiarity, hope, compassion, and the infiniteness of my consciousness, our collective consciousness, our ability to acknowledge the existence of the other as both an independent individual and as a piece of one unfathomably expansive stream of thought webs interlocking, bumping into one another as we coast through the black and white, the light and dark, the high and low, the internal and external, the conscious, the unconscious, the subconscious, the fast and slow, all spiraling together into one bright, brilliant and beautiful hue as we carry the torch from one segment to the next in a large mosaic of memories of the past and precognitions of what’s to come and the now now now now now that lies in between but passes so fast, gone before we know it, the now that is gone so quick, gone by the time we try to grasp it, becoming a memory and influencing the next now and the soon future that in time will be the past, hence becoming yet another memory…

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