Celebrity Clones Are Taking Over Commercials

Someone is creating celebrity clones and using them for advertising.  I don’t know how many companies are in on it, but so far the culprits are TD Bank, State Farm, and even the 2010 census.

We’ll start with the TD Bank flip commercial:

No, that’s not Dave Chapelle hanging out at the playground with his dog, but he certainly does look like him.  Watch this video, at around 0:38 he talks his white person voice, the same tone as the impostor Chapelle clone:

Let’s move onto State Farm:

Did Tom Cruise start a State Farm ad-campaign?  No, he’s been too busy acting in Knight and Day starring him and Cameron Diaz and being a Scientologist, so they made a clone, and a pretty impressive one to say the least, it’s Cruise’s best performance in over a decade.

Check out this ad from the US Census Bureau:

That’s not Jason Lee, although he does look and act a lot like his character Earl from My Name is Earl…

If you look like a celebrity, now’s the time to jump into the television advertisement acting industry.

If you have any more information on celebrity  clones, send it to here and I’ll post it.  Together we can stop this madness.

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