What if it does hit?

“On Christmas Eve 2004, Paul Chodas, Steve Chesley and Don Yeomans at NASA’s Near Earth Object Program office calculated a 1-in-60 chance that 2004 MN4 would collide with Earth. Impact date: April 13, 2029.”

This is not a quote from the next big end of the world motion picture…this is real.  The asteroid had potential to devastate an area about the size of Texas.  Now they’re saying that it will not hit Earth, but instead come extremely close.  So, on April 13, 2029 (if we’re still around) we will be able to look in the sky and watch this marvel coast by in our friendly skies.  It’s a bit unsettling that it’s going to be taking place on Friday the 13th, let’s all just cross our fingers for good luck.

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