This is how it all starts…

Studies are showing that houses controlled by robots can cause injury to humans.  A BBC News article says that they did tests on using a robot arm packed with household tools like a screwdriver and scissors, along with a steak knife and a kitchen knife.

“The robot arm was programmed to use the bladed tools to stab and cut a silicone lump, a leg from a dead pig and the arm of a human volunteer.”

That’s right, the arm of a human volunteer.  Someone volunteered to be stabbed and cut by a 14kg robot armed with sharp kitchen tools.

Haven’t we learned that we shouldn’t give robots sharp tools?

And if that isn’t convincing enough, try this one:

Let’s leave the slicing and dicing to us humans.  The study’s results agree.

“Striking, stabbing and puncturing tests with the safety system turned off were performed on the silicone and pig leg. Deep cuts resulted in most cases that, the researchers said, could prove to be “lethal” if inflicted on a living subject.”

I think I’ll cut my own food.

See the whole article here.

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