The Places We’ve Been

On the road, approaching dusk, sun going down, in the horizon an array of oranges and pinks bursting through the marshmallow clouds swiftly shifting across the canvas.

An inexplicable uneasiness comes to surface around this time, especially when driving.  I’ve never been too fond of the dark, my windshield is covered in nicotine smudges causing passerby cars to blind me from my vision leaving me to my own judgement on whether or not I’m still on the road.

The little ridges on the side of the roads help, they’ve saved me from running into ditches after all nighters in various hotspots, nights of dancing like a fool and dipping and dropping, flipping and flopping to liquidtunes and crunchy beats that greet the sunrise with overwhelming weirdness when jokes thrive and prevail in aiding the release of our core laughter, real, uncontrollable laughter with friends and family, family and friends, friends are family, family are friends, and wondering how and when sleep will come knocking at my door.

I run with a herd of night owls throughout the nights in hot humid basements with bright neon lights with funky bass licks and breakdancing fights and gnomes wearing tights, gypsies with kites, and robots out of sight through the fog in the back where there’s a tank in a nap-sack and an astro-nut carrying a camel pack full of aged cognac.

We light the dark with a flicker and spark of good energy vibes, bright smiles and wide eyes, and we spin and we’re spun when the night’s just begun, there’s love, it’s all one as we wait for the sun.

And the end comes, yes it does, on our own or by the fuzz, and usually when it does we try to sleep off our buzz.

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