Oh that good ol’ Tiny Danson Man

I nearly peed myself when I saw this:

It’s from the Tim and Eric show.  See the whole episode here.

One second you can be walking down the street and minding your own business, maybe whistling a little song or two to yourself, or maybe you’re a humming kind of person, some people are whistlers, others are hummers, the hummers are probably more likely to drive Hummers while getting hummers than the whistlers, who probably play with those crazy whistling soft vortex balls a lot in the dark, and while one of the whistlers is running for a whistling pass a Freddy Krueger (or is it §hredder?!) style bladed hand comes out of the ground and grabs Frankenstein’s ankle as he runs with the vortex into a portal and comes out on the other side with toes growing out of his head, and he learns to walk on his head, and when you’re using your head to walk that’s somethin’ to talk about but Frankenstein can’t talk yet, well Frankenstein could, but his monster couldn’t, his cousin, Fictor Vrankenstein used to have an underground lair underneath Frankensundae where he had a labratory to create innovative flavors of ice cream, but then got caught up with that guy from Malcom in the Middle and started cooking meth with the Chicken Man and watching re-runs of Home Improvement for forty-eight straight forty-eight straight ya that souunds like a cool little jingle…forty-eight straight forty-eight until Tim Allen comes out of the tv and starts trying to fix things all over your house and setting up ridiculous Christmas decorations on the roof in a competition with Clark Griswald, and things get weird here, all the electronic equipment in the house started to grow feet and stomp towards Fictor Vrankenstein and he tried to run upstairs but couldn’t the faster he ran the slower he seemed to be moving, if you can wrap your head around it, and that ever so familiar notion jumped into his head, a question he’d always asked himself and still does probably at least once a day, which one is stalactite and which one is stalagmite, no he doesn’t wonder about that necessarily, but what he really wonders is why it’s important to know anyways, because if you’re in a cave in front of you with fields of both of them in front of you I think you’re going to be able to figure out which one is on the top and which one is on the bottom…at least I would hope so, unless you were born with your vision upside down, someone told me that when you’re born everything is upside down and your brain slowly adjusts it back to right side up, and that makes me wonder if there are some people out there who might have not developed and they see everything upside down, and then that got me thinking about whether they would even notice…

And I’ll end with this:

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2 Responses to Oh that good ol’ Tiny Danson Man

  1. bmj2k says:

    Tiny Danson Man. I don’t know which line was funnier: “Greatest Actor of his Generation” or “The Cheers.” Good stuff.

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