Check it out

Check out some of my friends’ sites:

A few of my buddies put this site together.  Filled with videos and pictures that’ll make ya shit yo pants. I Miss you guys.

Matt Perkins brewed up this little blog on wordpress.  He talks about a variety of things, and he loves Back to the Future.

Bobby and Gypsy will be embarking on another Phish tour this summer and they’re writin’ bout it on this Page.

Gypsy talkin’ bout dogs

Party Bobbo’s music talk

Pinecone, a.k.a. Austin Rogers.  He’s a dubstep robot.  Listen loud and lose your mind.

For your health…

‘Tis it for now.  This is kind of like when your favorite TV show creates a “new” episode with old clips.  Enjoy the sites.

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2 Responses to Check it out

  1. Matt Perkins says:

    Speaking of which, did you know that Crispin Glover sued the makers of the film after they released BTTF part 2? George McFly in that film was portrayed by Jeffrey Weissman, who, as far as I can tell, has been in nothing worthy of noting in this post or anywhere else for that matter. Anyway, Glover was bullshit because they made it seem like it was the same actor, and Glover won the suit, which meant filmmakers from 1989 on could no longer be ambiguous about such things.

    God I hate myself.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. maulpartin says:

    I did not know that, but I’m glad Glover took care of that. It’s kind of like what happened in Spin City, when all of a sudden Charlie Sheen was boning Heather Locklear instead of Michael J. I don’t know if they ever explained that or not, but it just reminded me of that. That show was alright, it had Cameron from Ferris Bueller in it. Why the hell am I talking about Spin City?

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