Things are so different now

When I think of how things used to be I think about how easy I have it now. Our DNA is loaded with basic instincts designed to help us survive. Long ago, when our ancestors were hungry they would go out and hunt, gather food, or farm in order to provide themselves and their families with the proper nourishment. Nowadays, when we’re hungry (for the most of us, I’m not speaking for all of us, I’m speaking for the way that I and the people around me “survive”) we go to the fridge, hit up a fast food joint, or order in for chinese food. All of the farming, gathering, and hunting is done for us for the most part, and shipped to large grocery stores to have a price tag stamped on it. So, instead of doing the physical labor involved with obtaining the food, we are able to trade it for money, and money can be obtained in many different ways, some being legal others being considered illegal and even immoral. When put in a situation of life and death (which the lack of money so often does to us), people are quick to take the path of quick money in order to help themselves and their loved ones survive. It all comes down to money these days. Money is a form of control. If you don’t go out there and make money, you won’t be able to to do the things that you love doing, life being one of those things. Unfortunately, we have become dependent on money. Some choose to live off the land, and they do so quite successfully, but some people are not able to do this for one reason or another, and instead rely on money to help them get by. By doing this we are surrendering ourselves to the system. We learn the importance of money very early. We see our parents using it at the grocery store, buying televisions, cars (and gas to fill the cars), homes, etc., and we see the power that it has. Large amounts of money makes these things accessible. I remember (and I’m sure many others do) the cliche that my parents used to always use: ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees,” and I think of the irony of that statement…because our money does grow on trees. It’s made of paper, paper’s made of trees, it’s as simple as that. The value that is printed onto the paper is what makes each bill worth what it is. Otherwise it would just be a fancy piece of paper. You can’t fold up a five dollar bill and eat it, but you can trade it for five dollars worth of food (which varies depending on what you’re buying at the grocery store, or wherever else you may shop).

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