A snippet of my thought pattern…

I’m drinking pomegranate juice and sitting in front of my computer. My parents just got home from Aruba. Sometime last night. Last night was Saturday. We chilled at the Werneken’s house. I got hammered and ended up passing out on the couch, just like the old days. That happens when I drink all day and don’t eat. Well, I did eat. I had breakfast (although you could have called it lunch because it was around noon) at a little cafe in Bristol Plaza with Zuckuss, Tom and Steve, which was very good by the way. I got something called the…shit…suddenly I forget what it was called…all I remember was that there were a whole trilogy of meals, parts one through three, I had part two and it was fuckin’ dank. Two eggs, two strips of bacon, couple a sausage links, and french toast. So, I at least had a good breakfast under my belt. But, I cracked my first beer at around two in the afternoon…it felt like spring, and it was Saturday, what do you expect…and didn’t stop until…well I really don’t remember actually. I do remember little bits and pieces of people talking to me when I was curled up in the fetal position on the couch (I don’t know if I really looked that bad but I probably didn’t look good haha!) But…in all seriousness I had a good time, I just should have eaten something around dinner time. Always a good idea…but sometimes I just forget, which sounds ridiculous…does this happen to anyone else? Forgetting to eat? How can I forget to do something that I love so much? And also…something that keeps me alive? It’s absurd. But funny. Gotta laugh at yourself sometimes. Having a sense of humor never hurt anyone. Unless you’re idea of humor is stomping on peoples feet or kicking them in the balls, then it does hurt someone, and it’s really just not funny. Unless it’s on Funniest Home Videos or something. Sometimes I wonder how many of those videos are just set up. Like, why do you have a video of throwing a ball with your son? Do you record it every time they pass the pigskin around, or only when little Jimmy nails a strike right into Daddy’s nut-sack? People will do crazy shit for money…even crazy enough to put your own manhood into jeopardy…and a really terrible stinging pain that makes you want to puke. I kind of want to play video games right now. The more I think about it the better of an idea it seems. I’m still contemplating it. I enjoy writing too…but sometimes I like to take a break from it because writing tires me out more than you could possibly imagine. It feels like my brain goes into overdrive, and when I’m finished I feel drained and all I want to do is stare at a flashing video screen and push buttons on a controller. I guess it’s kind of like writing without the thinking part…although, video games do take quite a bit of thought, and skill for that matter…if you’ve ever seen the King of Kong you know what I’m talking about. Fuck it. It’s Sunday and it’s nice out. I should be outside doing something. But I’m not because I’m not, but even so, I feel good. I always feel good when the sun’s out. Alright I’m done for now.

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