More Disagreement

No agreements were made at last night’s bipartisan meeting. First of all I have to say this to Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee who said this about the healthcare bill: “This is a car that can’t be recalled or fixed” — this is not Toyota we are talking about here, this is a fucking healthcare bill that millions are depending on.

John McCain bickered about the healthcare bill, and Obama told him they weren’t campaigning anymore and the election was over. McCain responded to him by laughing and saying “I’m reminded of that every day.” He misses the good old days with his buddy…Hugbuddy

Our friend Eric Cantor of Virginia said “An ounce of sugar does not make the medicine go down,” in an interview. He must have been watching Mary Poppins the night before the meeting.  Maybe you should consider that your ideologies are as outdated as your movie reference.

John Boehner of Ohio had some new material in a news conference: “The bill needs to be scrapped.” Same old shit…

The Republicans continued to insist that it was time to start over, while Obama continued to insist that the Republicans cooperate. So, in the long run this meeting only succeeded in proving that they would never come to an agreement on this subject. So, in the end the Democrats are going to move ahead with the healthcare bill without the support of the republicans. The meeting was about coming to an agreement between the two parties, but that’s impossible when people act like stubborn children.

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2 Responses to More Disagreement

  1. nicky jones says:

    don’t get too wrapped up in this health care garbage.. insurance companies control too much of the stock here… poor people are the ones without insurance. and without health care their death rate will obviously increase.

    on another note i like your stuff bud.

  2. maulpartin says:

    Thanks for reading man. I got caught up in the health care issue for a little while, but you’re right…the insurance companies control way too much. It frustrates me that arguing over dollars and cents will inevitably raise the death rate for our poor population. It sounds a little harsh and maybe even paranoid, but do you think that may be the intention?

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