Whisked Away

The sand beneath my toes feels nice. Things are looking up. The kids are fitting in nicely. Elise is happy.

Walking down the beach with a metal detector in hand. Did this every Sunday this month. Haven’t found much, except for that diamond wedding ring. First thought was to pawn it off and buy something nice for the wife and kids. Then I thought about Karma. When you do something that you know is wrong it comes back to bite you in the ass, and that motherfucker bites hard and it don’t let go.

I thought about the poor bastard who paid for it, and how grateful him and his wife would be if someone found it. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I brought the rock to the town hall where they had a lost and found. Apparently this kind of thing happens all the time. Found out a couple days later it was claimed by a nice couple who were on their honeymoon. It felt good hearing that. Worth more than any diamond to me.
Haven’t found anything but a few empty beer cans today. Assholes don’t clean up after themselves around here. I throw the empties in my bag when I find them. That makes me feel good too. I always like to help.
The metal detector beeps slowly at first, then quickens.  I’ve found something. It’s beeping like mad. This is no beer can.

So I pull out my hand shovel and start digging. After three scoops I hit metal. I reach in the hole and pull out a shiny chrome chest with a locking device like a Masterlock, but instead of numbers on the dials there are symbols that remind me of ancient cave drawings. The symbols glow a fluorescent green.

A gust of wind hits me at full force, tearing my bag of cans out of my hand.

Thick storm clouds hover above the ocean in the horizon. Mean clouds. Better to get inside before it’s too late.

The funnel touches down.  It is too late. A tornado just touched down out there. It’s headed straight for the house. I need to warn them.

Lightning crashes all around.  I throw my metal detector away and sprint towards the house. The wind makes it hard to run, it’s blowing in every direction. I look to my right.
There’s two of them now…and their getting closer.  I’ll never make it, but I have to try.

The wind whistles around me like a vacuum as another thunderous boom sends needles through my ears. Waves crash against my feet. I can’t see above the next wave.
A strange sensation comes over me. I feel like I’m falling forward. My feet are off the ground.

I’m floating. The dark spiraling beast with muddy jaws swallowed me whole. My ears pop. My mouth is filled with sand and dust, and my eyes are popping out of their sockets.

Can’t breathe. I see a face. It’s green. He has three red eyes. His teeth are sharp, yellow and unkempt.  I lose my grip and fade into darkness.

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