A New Take On Jazz

If you appreciate good music, look into the Benevento Russo Duo.   Marco Benevento and Joe Russo are from Brooklyn New Jersey, and began playing together as a duo in 2001.  Their albums include:

Debut Album (2003), Darts (2003), Best Reason to Buy the Sun (2005), Live at Austin City Limits Music Festival 2006 EP, Play Pause Stop (2006).

Their Debut album is excellent.  Very jazzy, but tripped out in places.  Joe Russo rips the drums apart and somehow Benevento keeps up.

Play Pause Stop is very different.  Not quite as jazzy as their debut album, but the overall feel of the album is floaty and uplifting, where as the Debut album has more of a funky bouncing quality to it.  I recommend both of these albums.  I haven’t heard much of Best Reason to Buy the Sun, but given what I’ve heard from these two albums I recommend checking that out too.

Mike Gordon,Joe Russo, Trey Anastasio, and Benevento (GRAB) co-headlined a ten concert tour with Phil Lesh and Friends and played the Superjam at ‘Roo 06’.

They’ve also teamed up with Scott Metzger from RANA and Dave Dreiwitz from Ween for sets of Zeppelin covers, calling themselves Bustle in Your Hedgerow.

Definitely worth listening to.

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One Response to A New Take On Jazz

  1. A. Snow says:

    The set from Roo ’05 w/ Mike was UNREAL. And Play, Pause, Stop is just unbelievable, sonic and nutty.

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